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Re: Blanket weed

Subject: Re: Blanket weed
by Anonymous on 29/3/2011 8:23:38

Its hard to totally eliminate blanket weed once it has started but you can do much to hinder its growth..

Remove as much of the weed as you can using the much favored stick method, check the amount you are feeding the fish if you have any (un eaten food falls to the bottom and decays providng needed nutrients for the weed)

Then you need to eat up those nutrients before the weed can grow again, best method to do this is with plants.

A combination of a lily or two, plus some oxygenators and shallow water plants, even addsome floating plants, i.e water lettuce or Salvinia (DONT use duckweed) will eat the nutrients right up, plus provide shade blocking the light it needs.

Plants are a great way to make the pond look more attractive, while serving a practical purpose, lots of sites on the internet offering good ideas, here is a couple of the shops I have used in the past

http://www.bromfieldaquatics.co.uk/st ... loating-plants-558-0.html

http://www.gardens4you.co.uk/index.ph ... cCFUtC4QodWHeEZw&vmcchk=1

There is no need whatsoever to "put up with it" it takes effort but once contained it is easy to keep contained