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Re: Blanket weed

Subject: Re: Blanket weed
by 2010 on 28/3/2011 21:45:12

Sting algae as I mentioned is a plant, plants do need sunlight, however the less sunlight the slower it grows, so yes putting up some shade will help, but it can only slow it down, not stop it 100%

Some people will say they do not have string algae because they have some plants, lilies for example. This can be true but what they don't tell you is the pond looks like:

Resized Image

The lilies block so much sun from the water string algae does not grow.

The odd thing with string algae is, you can have a pond for years and never have any, then next season its full of it. It sort of happens to me. I have a frog ?puddle? no string algae in sight, yet a bucket of water I left outside for a few months has string algae growing in it. (Well it did till last weekend)