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Re: Aquarium electrics (A few points of note)

Subject: Re: Aquarium electrics (A few points of note)
by james15 on 4/6/2013 16:38:28

I use this RCD.

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ARCADIA-CLA ... REAKER-PLUG-/190538503189

This one is specifically designed for aquarium use. Powercuts will cause most plug-in RCD's to trip. This one however will not trip in a powercut, so all your filters, heaters etc. will be reinstated immediately when the power comes back on. Other plug-in RCD's have to be manually reset. If you have RCD's in your circuit breakers as SarahF described, these won't trip in a powercut either.
As for what they do, in a nutshell they work on the basis that what goes in must come out. It monitors the current at live and neutral, if there's a significant difference then the current must be leaking out somewhere else (e.g. via someone touching a faulty appliance), so it trips.