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Subject: Re: FROZEN POND
by rubadub on 16/12/2010 22:08:21


I have found that hot water in a saucepan does work, you just need to keep at it for a while.

My rough guide would be to fill the pan with hot water and place it on the ice. Come back in around 15 minutes and the pan will have sunk a little bit into the ice. Refill the saucepan with hot water and put it back on the ice in the same place as before. Repeat this a few times and you will eventually melt a hole all the way through the ice.

During the recent cold spell it took me about an hour (4 or 5 refills of the pan) to get through about 3 inches of ice.

Hope that adds to all the good advice given so far, and good luck during this imminent cold snap!