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Subject: Re: FROZEN POND
by 2010 on 12/12/2010 22:46:25


grampyal wrote:
......... there is about 60mm of ice on pond and under it are several fish that appear dead (on sides)......... Any ideas............
Probably overstocked as the fish are breeding and over the years their numbers have gone up and up. We have oxygenating plants but no filter or oxygenating devices.
Any advice would be a great help.

Hi grampyal and welcome to the best part of the forum.

In a way you have already answered your own question. Your pond is overstocked and has no filtration to compensate.
Having solid ice on top of the water only makes matters worse because in effect the fish are sealed in and are probably suffocating, I would guess that?s why they are not at the bottom, because they are trying to get to the surface for oxygen.

Did you know that oxygenating plants do give out oxygen by day, but take it in at night.
You need to make a hole in the ice and keep it there. NEVER hit the ice with any object to break it, as the shock wave caused may kill the fish that have not suffocated.

The suggested way is to put a pan of hot water on the ice and let it melt its way through. (It has never worked for me.) I suggest you pour just boiled water from a kettle directly onto the ice, it may take a few kettle fulls, and be careful its still boiling water you are carrying (Which is why a kettle is better than a pot)

Once you have a hole there are several ways top keep it clear, such as floating a ball, a purpose made ?dome? and even a tiny water circulating pump. None have worked for me, so I suggest you invest a few pounds in a pond surface heater (These do work)

Resized Image
Other brands of pond surface heater are available. (With this brand, the blue disc is a float that keeps the element from sinking. Once plugged in NEVER touch the element.)

Bear in mind if you use a search engine to find one, it?s a pond surface heater, it is not designed to heat the whole pond. (One would be nice, but very expensive) They only keep clear a small area around the heater.

The other thing I should point out is you can?t plug it in an extension lead, because:
Most extension leads will not tolerate the extreme cold you have up there.
It needs a connection in the dry, which wont happen with an extension lead.

But as you are in Scotland you can install a permanently hard wired socket near the pond for a heater, and filtration later in the year.(Part P does not apply in Scotland)
I should also point out some pond surface heaters do have a 10m Lead.(So no extension lead required)

And finally. 6cm of ice, that?s nothing, earlier this year I had 10cm of solid ice. (Only on the edges though, as I drilled holes to find out) And I don?t live in Scotland.

Good Luck. And PLEASE let us know how you get on.