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Shrimps For A New Tropical Tank?

Subject: Shrimps For A New Tropical Tank?
by CallumLikesFish on 6/12/2010 18:13:17

Hi, i'm planning to create a new tank to keep tropical shrimps in. I've got a few questions that i'd like to be answered because i have little knowledge of keeping shrimps and would like to get some advice so i can look after them properly.
So, the tank i'm going to buy is only a small one. Dimensions: 18"x10"x10" Is this an ok size?
I'm reasonably experienced with keeping fish so i know how to set up the tank. So here come my questions:
Firstly, i thought that Bumblebee shrimps looked like a quite nice type of shrimp to buy. Would you recommend these shrimps or any others?
What temperature would i have to have the heater at?
Would i have to have a sponge filter or could i have a standard filter with some filter sponge stuck on the suction area so they don't get sucked up? Or won't the shrimps get sucked up at all?
Do they have any specific water needs? (pH, gH, kH etc... )
Does it matter what gravel i have? Or could i use sand?
Are there any particular plants that would suit the particular type of shrimps?
Do they need specific lighting needs?
Do they need any places to hide such as upturned pots or will plants be fine?
I read somewhere that shrimps have to have highly oxygenated water.. is this true?
If so, do i need an air pump or can i just have the filter a little above the water level so it pushes air in?
What food do i need to feed them?
If possible, please answer the questions specifically to the type of shrimp that either you or i suggest(ed).
I think that's all for now, i'll add more if i come up with any. Don't worry if you can't answer all the questions, any advice is greatly valued! Also, any extra information/personal experiences would be excellent.
Thanks in advance!