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Re: Total sudden crypt melt!

Subject: Re: Total sudden crypt melt!
by MossmanX on 23/11/2010 18:50:44

Right, all crypts removed. Couldn't avoid making a bit of a mess.

All the roots seemed to be in quite strong. I've left one small plant in, just to see what happens (if it grows back)

pH7.6 (no change)
KH 2 (previously 3-4)
GH 4 (previously 6)

So there is a slight drop in readings. Does this put the fish in any danger? Anything I can do to prevent any further damage?

Also - I'd not have noticed if the crypts hadn't melted. Are they a good plant to keep in the tank from that perspective (i.e. a canary in the mine role - they melt when there's a problem)

...I think that's 3 questions....