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Total sudden crypt melt!

Subject: Total sudden crypt melt!
by MossmanX on 23/11/2010 9:29:07

Hi All,

Yesterday I noticed ALL of my ~10 crypt plants are melting. The tank has been stable for a good few months now, regular weekly 50% water changes, and no problems at all. The odd one leaf has melted in the past, but never like this.

The only thing different was this weekend I didn't do a water change I just topped up the tank with about 5% dechlor water. I didn't warm it up, with it being such a small amount. Could that have done it?

No other obvious changes that I can think of that would cause it.

Should I be really worried? Do I need to remove the melting plants to prevent the fish (Red cherry shrimp and pigmy rasbora) from being adversley affected?