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Re: Buoyancy in Fancies

Subject: Re: Buoyancy in Fancies
by Neilos on 19/11/2010 15:27:13

He seems much better today, swimming about happily 99% of the time with occasional stop-offs at his favourite floating spot (I'm sure he's watching TV sometimes, as the spot he picks has the best view in the whole tank). Flump is sulking because he hasn't been fed, but I'm sure he understands :D

The whiteness on his back isn't visible without the light, I'll keep an eye on him though.

Actual lights out is 8pm or so (when their aquarium light goes off), room lights stay on til 11pm, then I cover them (they have a modified curtain which I fit over the glass to block out light at night, as I'm often awake til the early hours and they'd not really have a night time otherwise).

Thanks again :)