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Re: Buoyancy in Fancies

Subject: Re: Buoyancy in Fancies
by suey2 on 19/11/2010 10:42:00


Neilos wrote:
And funny you should mention sore backs... the ranchu (always him, Flump (the oranda) just gets on with it but little Chub seems to need more attention) seems to have developed what looks like fungus on his back where it pokes out of the water when he's buoyant - looks white and a little bit 'fluffy' (seems to have come on just in the last two days, he's never had it before). I'm guessing that bit of his skin is a little bit damaged from being out of the water so much... ah, more expense! I guess just a standard fungus treatment would be the best course there. Unless it's fishy sunburn from the light (he picks a spot right under it to float :() so shall leave that off too.

I'd try just a little melafix and pimafix. It could just be that his slimecoat has thickened up so have a good look at him and see if it's that before you try and meds

Maybe try moving lights out to a little earlier. Mine have lights from 11-4, then 5-9pm. They often faff about long after 9 but sometimes they are sparko as soon as the lights are off! If you have room lights on they are are quite happy pottering about in the gloom in late evening

FX for some improvement