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Re: Buoyancy in Fancies

Subject: Re: Buoyancy in Fancies
by suey2 on 18/11/2010 21:13:43

Hi - there are several things you can try so don't worry First off I'd not feed them for a couple of days and see what happens. Then when you do feed them keep a diary of what they have and what the effects are.

I'd also try switching from the Hikari stuff to a different brand to see if that makes a difference. Tetra Gold Japan is another very good sinking pellet and it might agree with them a bit more. Peas are a laxative for goldies so best kept to once a week

Frozen bloodworm is very good, as is frozen daphnia and brineshrimp. They come in little cubes so you just defrost one in a cup of tank water and plop it in (if you feel brave you can rinse them first in a tea strainer to rinse off the solution they come in which has got a bit of phosphate in it).

Mine also have broken up and soaked algae waters, I use Ocean Nutrition ones which have spirulina in them which is meant to be good for their digestion. I also give them Nutrafin Max spirulina tablets with garlic, Tetra Pro vegetable 'crisps' and JBL spirulina flakes. They have dried food in the morning, usually sinking pellets or algae wafers (when I say dried I do soak them for ages first) and then frozen food, veg or one of the other things in the evening.

What time in the evening do you feed them? When they poo does it have bubbles in it?

If any of the bits poking out of the water get a bit sore you can smear vaseline on them to protect them. Do they have lights? If so it's best to keep them off if the fish are having a floaty day in case the fish get a bit toasty.

Do you have live plants in the tank? If not try getting some elodea, hornwort or mossballs. All of these are good at removing nitrates as well as providing a snack for the fish. Nitrates over 40ppm can affect buoyancy. If you are interested in mossballs I've just bought some from eBay and they are excellent quality. I've bought from this seller before but they don't always have the mossballs so I've bought from someone else as well. The ones I bought recently are by far the best, link here for info:
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dl ... &ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT