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Re: Aiptasia in new setup

Subject: Re: Aiptasia in new setup
by Dixie on 6/1/2011 12:32:32

Hi all. HNY. My Boyu 550 setup now has a couple of elect. blue Damsels joining the Percs. Clean up crew comprises a pair of shrimps and a couple of hermits. A few days ago I noticed that my live corals were looking a bit sad. Despite weekly 10% water change and regular testing, I found a v sudden ph spike. Down from 8.1 to below 7 overnight.
Instant appl. of Reef Buffer has brought the ph back up, so I hope the corals will approve.
Can anyone identify the wee beasties that have hatched out of the live rock for me?
They are small, (1cm long), amber yellow, with bony or spiky body and a pair of prominent antennae. Caught one sliding along the glass on its belly - seems legless - perhaps a nudibranch? Rather cute really, but are they harmless and will they try to take over?
Best to all,