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Re: Aiptasia in new setup

Subject: Re: Aiptasia in new setup
by electrogear on 11/11/2010 20:14:44

If it was just one or two I would say turn the rock upside down and bury them under the sand. This worked for me, and 12 months later still no sign, but as you have so many then you'll have to resort to peps or aiptasia-x. Is it just the one rock they're on? If so you might be just as well to remove that rock and leave it out in the air to kill them off... cruel as it sounds. It is a shame doing that as you lose the rest of the life in the rock but it is best to get rid as quickly as possible IMO. I've seen tanks overrun with them and they kill your other corals too.

P.S. I would only advise leaning it in air if you have no other corals on the rock. Put it in a bucket with a few mm of water in the bottom and any critters that emerge can be placed back in the tank (if you want to keep them). Be aware that this may also cause problems with the cycle so get another piece (cured with quick transfer) to replace it with.