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Aiptasia in new setup

Subject: Aiptasia in new setup
by Dixie on 11/11/2010 19:43:07

Sorry if this is old hat to some. Got a brand new setup using a TL550 (second hand tank). 3 weeks into curing cycle, with live rock rubble in back and 8kg live rock on non-live substrate. No Nh3/4 spike, yet. Water quality seems good. However half a dozen sweet little anemones are popping their dear little heads out of the holes in the rock which are definitely Aiptasia. I have read how these are bad news and how to combat them with peppermint shrimps of Aiptasia X - which involves zapping them with a syringe.
My question is - as the setup is so new and there are no other livestock present (apart from anything else that might be lurking in the rock), is there an easier/better way to deal with the Aiptasia? I would try to photograph them, but they are v small and my camera skills are not that brilliant.