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Re: Whitespot

Subject: Re: Whitespot
by bouch2010 on 10/11/2010 16:30:44

sorry to hear about your losses, i have actually lost a gramma and a clown to ich about a month back. it's not as simple as just ordering a uv steriliser, it depends on the wattage of the uv bulb and the contact time your tank water has with the bulb whether it will be of any benefit for e.g. if it's a bulb under 5w and the flow rate is high through the device it will be next to useless, so details of that would be helpful. you need a QT so you can medicate your other clown, if you don't have one and no plans on getting one you could try a freshwater dip for around 3-4 minutes, this may not solve the problem but it is worth a shot. also for the future a cleaner shrimp would be beneficial as it can help get rid of ich, also clowns like tangs are very prone to this type of disease.