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Re: Orca TL450 or 550?????

Subject: Re: Orca TL450 or 550?????
by Dixie on 7/10/2010 19:37:35

Thanks Glenn'

I'm goin' to persevere with the Boyu skimmer as I may not even need it with the setup I plan. Got my youngest daughter - with slim, but incredibly strong hands to re-fit the existing skimmer.
3 Weeks ago, when I begabn to surf for reef building stuff I read a thread on one site from a guy who described in some detail how he built his reef wall (for an Orca 450) by taking slices of cured live rock and siliconing them onto a sloping wall.
It made so much sense, but I, stupidly, did not save the website and now cannot find it.
Can anyone help?
After 20 years I'm so thrilled to be back in the marine community, no matter how limited.