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Re: Orca TL450 or 550?????

Subject: Re: Orca TL450 or 550?????
by phisan on 4/9/2010 19:43:33

This is perfectly true but when I'm dealing with someone starting I always tend to be overcautious about the amount of time he/she is ready to put into the tank keeping.
I perfectly agree with you bred occelaris tend to be smaller, as all clowns raized. They sometimes tend also to havefunny behaviors: I have a couple of A.percula, the male refuses to swim deeper than a few inches ( no swim or bladder problem though).
It really is all a question of time and money investissment.
for the crew : snails are great of course, take hermit crabs of different species : best are the small tricolor, those with red legs, also a species with pink legs and orange claws (or the opposite ), and the pyjama. The green legs or the elegans grow to large and behave as bulldozers in the tank.
also avoid the temptation of the small urchin as they may not be that reef safe with soft corals and zoanthids.
for the shrimps : thor amboinensis is great in groups depending on the fishes living with them, or Lysmata sp.
the red debellius is discreet but beautiful whereas the orange/white amboinensis is tough with corals sometimes but always to be seen. avoid the camel shrimps absolutely if you fall for zoanthids. Periclimenes sp. are very beautiful transparent shrimps, rather living in symbiosis with other animals : anemones, urchins, or stars.some are cleaners as the 2 species of lysmata are.
the first crew members are to be added when the nitrite peak has disappeared, just before or at the same time of the first algal boom.