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Re: Orca TL450 or 550?????

Subject: Re: Orca TL450 or 550?????
by phisan on 3/9/2010 10:55:33

it is always the debate between choosing a so called plug&play and to make one's own choice to equip one's tank.

Fortunately here in France, those plug&play tanks are not so vivid apart from Red sea.
The problems are always the same : lights are not sufficient ( here 36 w for some 58 liters) at all in your case. I do not know the efficiency of the skimmer. If case you had ceramics inside, do not put them in, there are of no use in reef tanks and more the source for nitrates than anything else.
pumps also are often too scarce so you often have to add at least one.

58 liters is a perfect size for a new start, smal enough to fit in the home but large enough to host a few things.
at the same time, 5 liters change of water a week is not unmanageable at all. I am sure this shall give you a maximum of pleasure and we will give plenty of help on the site.