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Re: Orca TL450 or 550?????

Subject: Re: Orca TL450 or 550?????
by bouch2010 on 3/9/2010 15:48:38

I agree with Phisan, the lights aren't upto much but will be suitable for some soft corals but don't expect them to flourish like they would under halides. The skimmer is next to useless but many would argue that you don't need to run one in such a small tank anyway as long as you were performing 5 litre water changes weekly as stated by before. Don't run the bio balls, ceramics or the sponge, live rock will be your biological filtration and for media I'd run carbon, phos remover and filter floss replacing the floss twice a week. Stocking wise in an orca 450, you'd be looking at 3 fish really or 4 at max providing a couple were really small.