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Re: TMC 120 skimer

Subject: Re: TMC 120 skimer
by phisan on 26/8/2010 16:08:39

there are various objectives when you're using a skimmer

the first one and most obvious is the removal of decaying matters from the water. There comes a problem when you distribute plancton as food for corals. In thsi very case, you should stop for a while your skimmer ( a while is 1/2 hours). Then when on again, the remaining plancton is exported with the foam.

A less obvious one is the oxygenation of the water. Of course, the water movement provides with some oxygen through the gas exchange abilities of salted water but it has other impacts. The injection of O2 into the water raises the Ph ( good for the fish) but also a high PH enables a more efficient calcification i.e. coral growth for corals. At the same time, it raises or keeps the redox high wich acts as a kind of buffer for the capacities of reduction and oxydation of decaying matters, in case some should appear. A high redox is a most welcome value - sound tanks have between a 300-400 microvolt value).
And whatever people will say, skimmers remain one of the most efficient place for mixing air and water.

So yes you should always keep your skimmer on except during the distribution of planctons to corals