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Re: Pre-constructed raised wooden pond

Subject: Re: Pre-constructed raised wooden pond
by dundeejamie on 3/8/2010 18:02:59

its made from strainer posts for deer fencing the bottom post is concreted into the ground before the main hole is dug
then i put the posts through the thicknesser in my work just to give the posts a bit of a flat edge to allow the others to sit on top then i drilled through the 4 logs with 2ft long bolts to hold it together, the logs are in a brick pattern to give added strength then the main hole was dug out with a jcb after that i screwed angled pieces to the inside and covered the whole thing with exterior plywood then expanded polystyrene and finally the liner the top cap covers the liner edge and gives places to sit
aswell as the local cats a viewing spot