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Re: fish swimming on side

Subject: Re: fish swimming on side
by 2010 on 10/6/2010 19:46:23

Hi fish10 and welcome.

If all the fish are doing the same thing, there can only be one reason.

Something they have all ingested has affected them.

Since you say it?s not anything in the water (You could try isolating one fish and see what it does)

It must be the food.

I was reading an article the other day that suggested a lot of fish problems are caused by dry food swelling inside the fish, (Taking water from the fish itself) and the article went on to say that is why wet things like fruit never give this problem and why fish like it so much. (It has to be soft fruit, not apple and banana etc)

I suppose it would be similar to feeding a cat or dog dry pet food and no water.