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Re: fish swimming on side

Subject: Re: fish swimming on side
by fish10 on 10/6/2010 18:33:05

The pond is about 1000litres and ive had it set up for about 3 months. It is filtered. Im currently using a pressurised Oase Biopress 6000 filter. Theres nothing else in the pond apart from the pond the pump and lighting. Ive tested the quality of the water and the results are as follows...
Nitrite -0.0

They are new fish i bought them around 2 months ago in lots of 3 fish at a time over the space of about 2/3 weeks. They are still very young. I have been feeding them with Tetra pond sticks however i have been feeding them with peas for the last week or so. The fish do not appear to have any other symptoms