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Re: Fluval Filter ate my Guppy

Subject: Re: Fluval Filter ate my Guppy
by BigBuddah on 13/1/2004 15:52:31

Thanks again for your reply :o)

I just rang the LFS that sold the guppies to me after they did the water test & spoke to the Manager. I told him that the test water came back pink & I was told that I could buy up to 4 guppies, as they are hardy fish.

According to the Manager of the shop, guppies are not hardy & I should not have been sold fish to go in my tank yet. He was very concerned that one of his staff had given me wrong information & told me to go back to the shop & ask to speak to him personally. He said he would re test the water for everything (inc ammonia & nitrites), reimburse the price of the guppies & recommend some hardier fish.

I have just ordered the Tetra Test Laborette & will start testing as soon as it arrives, so I become used to using it.