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Re: Fluval Filter ate my Guppy

Subject: Re: Fluval Filter ate my Guppy
by marcshedden on 12/1/2004 18:31:59

Very sorry to hear about your guppies. I am concerned about the shop you are buying your fish from - they should really have let you know what they were testing for, and explained the Nitrogen cycle to you - it's very simple, really!
Any good all-in-one starter test kit should include tests for Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and pH, and have a simple-to-understand booklet explaining why you are testing for these.
I have been using Tetratest's range of kits for the past four years religiously, and can highly recommend them, but will also agree with Fishadmin that Interpet's range are just as good.
Hope you have more luck when you restock - I would suggest starting with something slightly hardier than guppies, for instance platies, black neon tetras, or black widow tetras. There are many more species which would be just as suitable, as long as you make sure your water is toxin-free to begin with.
Good luck,