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Re: new pond advice please!

Subject: Re: new pond advice please!
by 2010 on 10/6/2010 21:03:56

Hi avons82, you don't have to have a filter, you can opt to have some plants, and hope you get the right ones, enough of them and that they don't die. It does work, but often the fish will multiply too much, or the plants will take over the surface and you wont see the fish.

I would opt for a biological filter, uv and pump, which you get I will leave up to you and your budget, but a small one will be fine, but please do not get an "all in one" as they fail too easily, and you loose the lot when they fail.

A fountain will add oxygen into the water, but I would strongly suggest you have a separate pump for this.
There are two main reasons why.

1) All the water will go to the filter etc

2) You can turn just the fountain off if you want to.

If it helps I have just a fountain switched by a timer, so its only on when I am here (Different times for the week end) and does not run 24/7 like a filter does

You can get liner with grave stuck on it, but I have only ever seen it in 30cm wide strips, and its intended use is for pond edges.

Best only have gravel in a tank.