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Re: new pond advice please!

Subject: Re: new pond advice please!
by fredrick_more on 10/6/2010 19:45:12

Hey Avon,

If the ponds a 175 gallons then you dont ahve to have a filter but i would recommond it and i would allow for more fish than if you didnt have one. If you didnt want one you could plant it out well and create a natural pond with its own ecosystem but i would suggest a small "fountain pump" for areation at least.

In terms of little pumps look at the bladgon mini pond pumps, very good and very cheap (well where i work it is)

Aquarium water treatment will work but are very costly due to the amount of water they treat, thats why ponds ones are better.

P.S. In terms of gravel at the bottom, if you do you will regret it when you come to clean the pond out :D. You can get liner with gravel glued in which would work but its not cheap.