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Re: my tank progress and a few questions

Subject: Re: my tank progress and a few questions
by phisan on 4/6/2010 10:59:48

5 ppm? I know of many that would be most happy with 5 ppm!

do not worry, add corals as most of the corals, even though they are photo synthetic for their algaehosts, also rely on external sources of food for growth, colour and reproduction. One of these sources is the absorption of dissolved elements, one of which is nitrogen under different forms- here nitrates-.
or you could also cultivate higher algae such as caulerpa, you hav to keep checked- or others as they will use nitrogen and phosphorus for their growth. Then you take some of the growth away and export these polluants.
but 5 ppm is really nothing to manic about!
effective water changes should be on a 10/20% weekly basis.