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Re: my tank progress and a few questions

Subject: Re: my tank progress and a few questions
by nith on 3/6/2010 23:48:12

Wow thanks for the replies.
I am using the API saltwater master test kit.

Actually I had the tank running with live rock and live sand for 6 weeks. At which point the ammonia and nitrites were reading zero and the nitrates was reading 5ppm. I did a 25% water change and then went out to the local marine store where I think I spoke to someone even less aware of marine stuff than me. I bought 3 red leg hermits, 3 turbo snails and 1 cleaner shrimp. 1 week later I bought 2 clown fish.

Things seem to be going well and the water quality is good.

Protein skimmer is doing nothing though. May have to fork out for a new one but thats something I have not budgeted for because I figured the stock one would be good for a while.