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Re: my tank progress and a few questions

Subject: Re: my tank progress and a few questions
by phisan on 2/6/2010 11:50:06

before adding the fishes, you definitely need to add the cleaning crew and the corals first!
for the cleaning : snails for algae on glass ( astrea sp., tectus sp., Stomatella sp.), hermit crabs both for algae on rocks and waste of food, serpent star such as Ophiaderma superba, if you have sand think also to sand snails such as Cerithium sp. and also shrimps from Lysmata family or even the smaller thor amboinenesis.
this is the first step
then add the corals. You have wonderful soft ones, small or big, such as sarcophyton sp. Nephtya sp., mushrooms, zoanthids, or even symbiotic gorgonia. but also some Large polyp corals who will need to be fed sometimes with larger pieces of food.
If you feel like keeping the discipline, you may try to keep the non symbiotic Tubastrea sp. (suncoral ?) but theu will need to be target fed every two/three days with mysis and artemia. This is discipline but otherwise they really are easy animals.
When all is placed, check your parameters, wait for a couple of weeks and add the fishes, but then really think over the population.
Sorry for the tank dimension, as we don't have these here in France.