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Re: my tank progress and a few questions

Subject: Re: my tank progress and a few questions
by EagleC on 2/6/2010 9:39:37

What test kit are you using and what are the results? If you want to see if your test kit (or your methods) are up to scratch get a test done by www.tanktests.co.uk for comparison. Many serious keepers get an occasional test done by a third party like this just to be sure.

Standard tanks normally only have enough light for soft corals to do well but you can have corals. I think there are a few lps corals that are not too bothered about light as long as they're target fed. God knows what the lfs was thinking. Mushrooms and leathers (soft) would be a good place to start. Don't rush out and fill your tank but try one and see how it gets on. Once it's well settled you can add another.