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my tank progress and a few questions

Subject: my tank progress and a few questions
by nith on 2/6/2010 0:17:15

Ok So I have had my Orcal Tl-550 setup for quite a while (2 months+) and been testing regularly although not everyday.

I have 13Kg of Live rock and quite a bit of live sand al;most 2" all round but not sure if it is too much.

Just added two small clownfish 4 days ago which brings my stock level to 2 fish, 3 hermit crabs, 2 Turbo snails and a cleaner shrimp. I feed the fish on mysis shrimp once a day and dry pellets once a day. Is this sufficient for them?

Also I have not really noticed any spikes since adding/feeding the fish. Is this normal since the mysis the fish dont eat plus general waste must be breaking down. DO I need a more sensitive tes kit?

I need to sort out the protein skimmer because the stock one I have does not seem to work properly. Should I replace it and if so can anyone recommend a good one?

Also went to local fish store and was asking about what is an ideal starter coral and she told me that my tank is not suitable for coral and I should just buy fish...Confused as this is a reef tank.

I am sure this is not true since I have seen so many examples of great looking reefs in orca tanks many of which are on this forum...???

any advice and help on any of these questions would be appreciated.