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Re: plants wont grow in the pond!!

Subject: Re: plants wont grow in the pond!!
by mel1of4 on 3/6/2010 20:15:30

for the outdoor pond
Ammonia = 0
Nitrite = 0
Nitrate = 0
phosphates = 0
pH = 7.7
GH = 60
KH = 80
it seems I have 4000g of slightly soft slightly alkaline distilled water!!

whats interesting is that my tap water is pH7.0 and has 5ppm phosphates

I mentioned that I have made a nursery pond with a cattle drinker. This fills with rain and if levels demand tap water. the tests here show phospate of 1ppm (makes sense as the rain has diluted the tap water) but a pH of 8.8 !! (at least as this is the highest reading from a high range test - it could be even higher) What could have caused such alkalinity?

I attach some snaps of the sorry plants. ALso one of the whole pond which is 50% covered with PVC sheeting to reduce light. Few weeks ago the water cleared - is this because of the lack of light killed the algae - or did they use up all the phosphate then die?
If the water is this sterile what have the fish survived on? they have grown 2" over the winter without any food from me.

look forward to your comments