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Re: plants wont grow in the pond!!

Subject: Re: plants wont grow in the pond!!
by EagleC on 2/6/2010 23:28:06

I wonder which nutrients where in excess. Plants need quite a few and it's usually an imbalance that causes algae - ie too much of one.
The main nutrients include:
Light (for the sake of plant growth it can be counted as one)
Organic Carbon (CO2 is ideal)
Nitrogen (taken from ammonia, nitrite or nitrate)
Potassium (K)
Phosporous (often taken from phosphate PO4)

Ph/gh/kh is important to plant growth too. Then there are various micronutrients so if the water is overly soft or ph is low that could indicate a problem.

So if you can test for those or some of them it might give you an idea. Tank test kits are fine for testing ponds so you're ok with that

Any chance of a photo to help diagnosis?