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Re: plants wont grow in the pond!!

Subject: Re: plants wont grow in the pond!!
by mel1of4 on 2/6/2010 20:39:08

During the first year we had the water tested and were told that the there were too many nutrients in the water. After various algae blooms there was lots of detritus. We havent added anything to the water this year. I've started a 2nd small "pond" in a plastic cattle feeder to try and make a nursery where the light and temp might be more favourable. Ive moved some of the surviving plants to this to see if they wake up. Certainly the winter chill is more quickly past in the small pond. Root growth on the lillies is quite good but upward growth very feeble.
Should I use tablet fertiliser? (adding liquid fertiliser to 4000 gallons doesnt seem sensible)
Is their anything to be gained by using my tank tests for Nitrates, Phosphates and PH?

thanks for your interest