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plants wont grow in the pond!!

Subject: plants wont grow in the pond!!
by mel1of4 on 1/6/2010 23:05:07

3yrs ago we created a pretty large pond - 10m x 2m x 1m. No filtration or pump. Stocked with elodea crispa oxygenators and 5 lillies chosen to suit the depth, and 10 tiny golden orfe. After green algae blooms and various treatments (barley straw) etc we have now reached a frustrating position where the plant life shows no signs of growth. The lillies have small leaves and spindly stalks and the oxygenators are alive but dormant. Good news is the orfe are now 8" long and seem to be thriving. The choice of lillies was supposed to fill the surface and even placing on stands near the surface is helping little. Water is clear thanks to a plastic cover over half the surface leaving the plants exposed. We are in cumbria and so the temp is not tropical but the pond is in full daylight.
Any suggestions welcome.