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Is this too many please ?

Subject: Is this too many please ?
by Kater on 1/6/2010 11:48:04

We have two ponds, now 18 months old and looking really good with loads of plants and good water quality . The larger one, about 1500 litre , flows into the smaller 750 one via a waterfall , we have two filters and all is well . However, the 5 fish we started off with have bred like rabbits, and surprisingly, lots survived ! We now have the orignal gang of five ( about 4 inches in length ) and a mix of goldfish and commets , plus about 25 of their offspring, ranging from an inch to two inches in size, plus another 12 in the smaller pond . Just a little worried in case this is too many fish ? They all apear to be doing well , even the bronze carp are changing colour to reds and oranges and many are really beautiful multi coloured fish, thanks for any advice , we dont want a third pond !