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Re: Dwarf cichlids

Subject: Re: Dwarf cichlids
by Anon on 30/5/2010 15:10:55

The water should have a PH of 6.5 and a dGH of 5. So in order to keep Bolivians, or any South American Cichlids, Dwarf or otherwise, in your tank you will need to use 100% RO water to get your PH and hardness down to that level, and keep using RO every week for water changes, remineralising the water to suit the rams. This will take a lot of experimentation to get the results right. You will also need to add bogwood to add tannins to the water that is required by these fish, and it will also help to soften the water. Rams need a tank that is well planted, with plenty of hiding places. The peat moss in the filter will also help a little, but it is a little too unstable to use as a buffer on its own, especially at levels you are working with. Rams need very precise water conditions and do not like any changes, no matter how small.

In order to bring down the levels with the present occupants in the tank it is going to take months so as not to cause PH Shock or any other problems caused with reducing water PH and hardness.