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Re: CO2 for dummies!

Subject: Re: CO2 for dummies!
by mikethorpe1968 on 6/5/2010 12:33:36

My Ph seems to stay at a constant 7.6 and and i have very hard water where I live, and have a JBL ph monitor that is stuck to the glass http://www.jbl.de/factmanager/index.php?lang=en. I do use a clamp to restrict the flow during the night and release it in the morning the presure doesn't seem to get too high as it's not shut completely so tiny amount does enter the tank (use a bubble counter to check this), I have thought about having another tube coming off as a release system. If I could afford a high tech system i would but I have no loacal suppliers that supply CO2 bottles and sending away for them would cost me to much.