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Re: CO2 for dummies!

Subject: Re: CO2 for dummies!
by Anon on 6/5/2010 12:06:00

Hi Mike how do you regulate the amount of CO2 entering the tank, and how do you stop it from flowing when the lights are off as this is important, due to the fact that plants do not dissolve CO2 in the dark, and that a regulator is required to stop your PH being lowered too much. I have actually got my PH down to 4 using CO2, (without the fish in the tank). If you start with hardwater this is not so bad but if like me you start with a ph of 6.8 the Ph can fall drastically if it is not controlled properly thus the need for a bubble counter and tap to stop the flow when you turn off the lights.

edit// sorry crossed with EagleC. But I agree with Eagle as I to have a PH controller, but I was trying to keep costs down to a minimum for Christina. The 602 does come with a PH monitor that goes in the tank and registers the PH by colour.