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Re: CO2 for dummies!

Subject: Re: CO2 for dummies!
by EagleC on 6/5/2010 12:05:19

I'd definitely add a bubble-counter/gravity trap to any yeast based system. You can make one from a small pop bottle.

Yeast based CO2 is high maintenance and can lead to varying CO2 levels which in turn results in algae and sporadic growth. Not to mention fluctuating PH levels - although within limits (0-30ppm CO2) the PH variance caused by CO2 levels is not harmful to fish.

I would not recommend spending money on a commercial yeast based system if money is tight. They really are little more than a bottle and length of pipe.

For a pressurised system I would heartily recommend a PH controller rather than a timer - although this adds another ?40-?140 to the cost of the system it allows precise CO2 levels to be maintained. I've noticed that occasionally my regulator shifts from 30 bubbles a minute to something closer to 3000. Without the PH controller the tanks PH would dive and my CO2 would run out very quickly. The valve also sometimes closes on its own, but then I see the controller measuring ph 6.9 rather than 6.8 and I take a look in the cupboard to see whats wrong. (Of course I could buy a better regulator too)

From what you said about budget I'm guessing the pressurised CO2 kit is out of reach at the moment - keep an eye on ebay for bargains.

This was my yeast based system before I moved to a pressurised kit.
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