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Re: CO2 for dummies!

Subject: Re: CO2 for dummies!
by mikethorpe1968 on 6/5/2010 11:41:36

I use a homemade CO2 system which is really cheap.

CO2 recipe

1. 2 Cups of Sugar
2. 1/4-1 teaspoon of yeast (more yeast = faster reaction = more CO2 for shorter time (2+ weeks))
3. 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda (optional)

this is needed for each bottle


2x 2 litre fizzy drinks bottles (with caps)
silicon tubing
1x T conector for tubing
CO2 diffuser something like this
one way check valve
silicon to glue tubing in place

Drill a hole in each of the fizzy bottle caps just smaller than the diameter of the tubeing, then cut 2 lengths of tubing about 30cm long and insert one into each drilled cap, and then using silicon sealer put a bead around the inside and outside of the cap to seal the tubing. Then let it set for 24hrs.

After it has set connetc the T conector to the ends of the tubing, then cut a 30cm peice of tubing and conect one end to the T conector and the other end to the one way check valve (make sure its the right way round) then conect the length of tubing to reach the desired point in the aquarium and add the diffuser. Fix in place, your then ready for the recipe.

Adding the recipe

add 2 cups of sugar for each bottle, and then fill 3/4 full of warm water (not hot as it will kill the yeast), add yeast and baking soda (if using) screw on lids don't shake or mix it may take 24 hrs to start to get any production of CO2.

You can add a bubble counter too it as well which will stop any yeast gunk getting in to the aquarium but I've not had that problem.

I put add VERY rough skecth too.