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Re: Building your first pond

Subject: Re: Building your first pond
by 2010 on 14/6/2010 20:46:30


dekker wrote:
in location section you mention its not a good idea to locate your pond near a tree - but could you make it work if this is your only place to locate your pond

Hi dekker, the simple answer is no.

The reasons are


2010 wrote:

Trees and bushes have roots and leaves, roots really can puncture a flexible liner, also come autumn leaves falling into a pond are not good as they give off gas as they decay, depleting the pond of oxygen.

Roots will just take longer if you build a brick wall for your pond.

You do have another option

Remove the tree.

As you are considering a koi pond, I ask that you do some more surfing, as to build a koi pond is not cheap and needs a lot of work and filtration, and you will not have enough room for everything with the dimensions you give.

Resized Image
This is a small koi pond, as you can see the filtration does take up a lot of room.

If you do as I suggestyou will also find that a small koi pond is not big enough.