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Treatments for adverse water condtions

Subject: Treatments for adverse water condtions
by Violet on 11/3/2010 22:30:49

Evening all, wonder if this is worth a sticky in the emergency room? would help with future posts too:

Common water treatments seem to be:

Ammolock - deals with ammonia only
Amguard - deals with ammonia only
Amquel - deals with ammonia and nitrite, hard to find now, superceded by Amquel + plus (see below)
Amquel + plus - deals with ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, chlorine, chloramines and all heavy metals
Prime - deals with ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, heavy metals, chlorine and chloramine.

None of these actually remove the ammonia/nitrite/nitrate of course, they simply make it into a more non-toxic form for the fish.

In the case of high ammonia, to determine if there is any toxic ammonia left after treatment you would still need a test kit specifically for toxic ammonia such as the Seachem Ammonia Alert (www.aquaessentials.co.uk) if you can't find locally, which is very common. Regular water changes are key normally.