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Re: Suggested quantites

Subject: Re: Suggested quantites
by Freakyshrimp on 18/2/2010 20:07:27

An inch or less sand is fine for the Berlin method of filtration where the live rock is the basis of filtration. If you go much higher it is classed as deep sand bed filtration which is different altogether. I don't know very much about this method but I don't think you are supposed to disturb the sand bed once its in place i.e no burrowing fish/snails. The deeper the sand bed is the more chances of getting trapped hydrogen sulfide, which when released into the tank can be very harmful to inhabitants.

Cleaning tank - if it's been used before it could have coraline algae deposits on glass and back panel. Tip the tank over on its side and soak the areas with normal household white vinegar, leave it on for a while and it should scrape away easily. Give it a good rinse afterwards with some plain warm tap water and let it dry. If you want you can soak the tank in Miltons fluid (the stuff for sterilizing baby's bottles)then give it a good rinse afterwards.