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Re: Quarantined Plant

Subject: Re: Quarantined Plant
by Miss Pennyapple on 28/1/2010 21:57:53

Thanks for your replies - not sure what to do now!

It's a nice plant and it's grown well submerged which is the only reason I'm loathed to ditch it. I don't see how any parasite could survive that long without a host, but, I'm not an expert! Not sure if it's worth the risk. I could rinse it under the tap I suppose.

Frances - yeah, we do quarantine plants don't we? So nasties die off before the plant goes near the tank. Good point.

Anyone else any thoughts on this?

On the same subject, perhaps a silly question but here goes! Before adding new plants to my tank I quarantine for a few days, then rinse under the tap, then sit in some dechlorinated water before planting. But I have a moss ball which I bought online and I'm not sure if I should rinse it under the tap incase it soaks up all the chlorine water!! It's like a sponge! Funny thing! Any ideas on this one?! The plants I buy are from an online retailer and they only sell Tropica so I've always assumed they were probably parasite free anyway since they weren't grown with fish. Make sense?!