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Quarantined Plant

Subject: Quarantined Plant
by Miss Pennyapple on 28/1/2010 18:35:50

Hello, just looking for some advice on a plant I have in quarantine at the moment from my goldy tank.

If you've read my 'Droncit' topic, you'll know that since Christmas I've been treating my fish for parasites. I now believe this to have been flukes. During treatment I added salt to the tank - the only plant in there that didn't like this was the Amazon Sword, so I moved it to my QT. It's been there since the start of December, with only some other plants, no fish. Obviously the pararsites would have been on the plant too when it was moved to QT, but I'm wondering if it would be safe to move it back to the main tank? I'm just not sure, so thought I'd get opinion on this!

It's been in QT for 2 months now and I've read that flukes must find a host within a few hours or they die. So, in theory, there shouldn't be any nasties in the QT or on the plant. But, should I risk this, or am I being paranoid? I'm not keen on adding anything chemically to the QT. Do you guys think I'm risking infecting my main tank again by moving the plant back or should I just chuck it in the bin?

Thoughts please! Thanks.