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Re: How does a sump work???

Subject: Re: How does a sump work???
by Sheila on 2006/2/11 16:02:47

A sump is a tank under the main showtank.It is connected to the main tank via some sort of overflow and returned to the main tank by a return pump.A sump can be used both on marine and freshwater systems.It provides more water volume,which aids water stability, and can be used as a means of filtration too.
There are two ways of feeding the sump from the main tank.Both are basically an overflow. one way is to have the tank drilled. Another way is to have an overflow box fitted, this is used for undrilled tanks. the over flowbox provides a means for the water to overflow into the sump. The water overflows from the tank, into the box and down the pipework into the sump.The water is returned to the main tank from the sump via a large pump. the sump can have a deep sand bed and Caulerpa growing on the sand, The Calerpa basically feeds on the nutrients in the system thus removing them, the deep sand bed will denitrify, the sump is a good place for the skimmer to and also to hide the heaters in thus getting the equipment out of the main tank,