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Re: Advice on the start up of a Pearlscale tank

Subject: Re: Advice on the start up of a Pearlscale tank
by Brakus86 on 22/1/2010 19:27:12

Yeah they have two heated ponds, but I think they only occasionally use the heater in the winter, only one pond with pearlscales though. I think the trick is ample space and varied diet, in the pond they have so much greenery and insects etc etc.

Well I've only ever kept one at a time, which is why I'd like all the advice I can get before setting up a tank just for them :) The one I have at the moment is a little sod to feed, she has to be fed pellets but I have to distract her tank mates (who have to be fed gel) first or they'll gobble it.. nightmare. But my thinking was.. if I have a tank of them alone then the feeding wouldn't be an issue, well at least I hope not :|

Thankyou for the link violet, I had a look around PetsAtHome and all the greeny looked a bit.. depressed, lol.