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Re: Advice on the start up of a Pearlscale tank

Subject: Re: Advice on the start up of a Pearlscale tank
by Jaywickrob on 22/1/2010 1:39:46

Pearl Scales are Goldfish and have exactly the same requirements as any other Fancy Goldfish.
Depending on the shape of your 4ft tank I think it could house 3 or 4 fish. If it's wider than it is tall it'll hold 4 fish, if not, 3. This is to ensure adequate surface area for efficient gas exchange.

The tank & filter will need to be cycled/matured prior to the introduction of any fish.

Goldfish will eat anything that fits into thier mouth, including shrimp, small snails & other fish.

External filters are efficient and don't clutter up the tank. Do you have a specific budget in mind?

In my opinion you should look for an filter that will turnover the full tank volume at least four times an hour.
I use a Tetratec EX1200, Ehiem Classic & AquaOne 1000 External filters, out of them I prefer the Tetratec as it has the largest media capacity, is easy to maintain & extremely quiet. Tetratec have excellent after sales service & are reasonably priced.

3 - 5mm gravel is a good size for Goldfish, it's small enough that it's unlikely to get caught in thier mouth & large enough that none can be injested whilst eating.

With regard to plants it really depends on whether you're planting for the fish or for your benefit. Many plants will be nibbled and uprooted by the fish, plants are a healthy addition to thier diet, whilst others will be left alone. Elodea & Cabomba are firm Goldfish favourites, they also like Mossballs & a good coating of Algae in thier tanks.
Tougher, but slower growing plants like Anubias & Java ferns will probably get left alone.

Hope this helps